Pilot ESM17 - Pilot boat/Crew boat

General: Propulsion:
Hull: Steel Main Engines: 2 x Doosan L126TIH
Superstructure: Aluminium Power: 530Kw
Clasification: Bureau Veritas I ✠ HULL * MACH Propulsion: 2 x fixed pitch propellers
Seagoing Launch Range: 200Mm
Dimensions: Product sheet: Download
Lenght: 16.7m
Beam: 5.3m
Draught: 1.5m
Fuel tank: 1.8mc

Pilot ESM12 -Inland Pilot boat/Crew boat

General: Propulsion:
Hull: Steel Main Engine: 1 x Doosan L126TIM
Superstructure: Aluminium Power 294Kw
Basic Function: Pilot, Survey, Crew and Patrol boat Propulsiom ZF, 1 x fixed pitch propeller
Navigation in thin ice, broken ice Range 300km
Dimensions: Product Sheet: Download
Lenght: 12.0m
Beam: 3.5m
Draught: 1.5m
Fuel tank: 1.2mc

Ferryboat 12 people Europolis 2

LOA: 12m Propulsion: 1xDiesel 120cp Fuel Capacity : 600L
Beam: 3.5m Crew: 10+2 Draft: 0.9m

Borcea 3 Tug Boat

LOA: 8m Propulsion: 1xDiesel 180cp Fuel Capacity : 700L
Beam: 3m Crew: 1+1 Draft: 0.9m

Steel Boat

ElectroScoica Mar executed capital repairs to craft Sorana 1 and Sorana 2: changed the body plates ; building and installation of new superstructure , purchased and installed main engine, diesel generator and navigation equipment , mechanical repairs , electrical repairs .

Patrol Aluminum Boats

LOA: 8.7m Propulsion: Diesel 160-180cp Fuel capacity : 400L
Beam: 2.8m Max. speed: 17nod Displacementt: 4000kg
Crew: 1+4 Cruising speed 13nod

Accomodation Superstructure BigFoot 1

During August 2009- May 2010 we have carried out two milestone works – the reconversion of vessels Big Foot 1 and Big Foot 3 – owner Grup Servicii Petroliere. The first project consisted of manufacturing and mounting of an accommodation superstructure – the biggest of its kind manufactured in Romania to present date – and the second project mounting of crane column and hull structure for a 500t crane. For completing the above mentioned works we have cut/assemblied/welded and mounted a total volume of aprox. 1600 tons of steel in less than a year.

Tons: 1650 T Floors: 6 + heliport High: 26 meters
Port-Starbord: 42 metri Aft-Bow: 26 metri

110 TEU Container Ship

ElectroScoica Mar executed the following works for two 110 Teu Portcontainier: manufacturing superstructure, coupling block-sections, manufacturing plus installation soft steel and piping.

Lenght: 89.95m Depth: 7.35m Container on deck: 38
Beam: 14.40m Draught: 5.83m Container in hold: 68

Patrol Aliminum Boats2

LOA: 10.9m Propulsion: 2xDiesel 250cp Fuel capacity : 1400L
Beam: 3.93m Max speed: 30nod Displacement: 8000kg
Crew: 2+10 Cruising speed 25nod Water capacity 2x125L

Control and patrol steel craft

LOA: 9.8m Propulsion: Diesel 180cp Fuel capacity: 400L
Beam: 2.7m Max speed: 15nod Displacement 5500kg
Crew: 2+8 Cruising speed 12nod

Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries

With an experience of over 10 years as subcontractor of DMHI shipyard, ElectroScoica Mar execute different parts of soft steel: rect duct pieces, rect duct piece supports , pedestal container, stairs , ladders , railings , cell guides, engine exhaust pipes , platforms , autoclaves , magazine covers , etc.