About Us

ELECTROSCOICA MARWORKSHOP GROUP is a private company established 1991 which carries out a vast array of works and repairs mainly in the shipbuilding industry.
            As a fully private owned company in the early years we started by making electrical repairs for ships under Romanian or foreign flag, then by expanding the range of our works to steel, mechanical and piping repairs, the company managed, until the end of 1998, to have its own working premises, workshops and utilities.
            The year 1999 was a turning point in our history - since then we switched gradually most of our capability towards new building of ships...


  • Ship Building
    >Aluminum and steel boats
    >Hull structures subassemblies >Steel oufitting and piping
    >Cutting plates & profilles
  • Ship Repairs
    >Hull structures repairs
    >Electrical repairs
    >Mechanical repairs
  • Civil Steel Structures
    >Land bridges parts
    >Steel buildings
    >Silo installation
    >Installation civil structures


  • Workshop equipped for : >Cutting plates 
    >Cutting profilles 
    >Steel works assembling 
    >Mechanical repairs 
    >Electrical repairs
  • Specialized equipments, tools and devices

    >ESAB Combirex CNC cutting machine, with plasma and oxy-fuel 
    >Semi-automatic cutting equipment 
    >Semi-automatic welding equipment 
    >Mig/Mag semi-automatic welding machine